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Men > Bags, Wallets & Belts > Bosch -Skil F015.860.0JD Air Blower

Bosch -Skil F015.860.0JD Air Blower

INR 2450/- INR 1575/-

Product Details

Keep your car, garage, library, cooking stove or your computer free from dust and dirt with this Bosch-Skil Air Blower that forces tiny particles out from specks with ease. Compact This air blower is compactly designed to help you operate it comfortably, especially in tight areas. Adjustable Speed Control You can adjust the speed of this air blower to suit your working convenience. When you are cleaning your computer accessories you can use a slower speed and shift to a higher speed when cleaning your gas stove. Ergonomic Handle The handle of this cleaning device is designed to let you grab it conveniently so that you can clean with ease and your hands do not get fatigued while using it for long hours. Lock-on Button Keep the power switch to keep the device running so that you do not have to press it continuously and prevent straining your finger while working with it for long hours.