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Onida LCO32HDG (32) LCD TV

With the Onida LCO32HDG at home, you are all set to expand your entertainment space and experience the new technologies and advanced features that make TV viewing more exciting as compared to conventional CRT TVs. This LCD TV from Onida is designed to consume minimal energy and keep a check on rising electricity bills, so that you can enjoy your TV watching sessions sans any tension. The Onida LCO32HDG is an HD-Ready television, which means that you need to connect an external high definition signal tuner to the TV for it to be able to transmit HD visuals. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has rated this LCD TV with 5 Stars in energy efficiency. Design This HD-Ready TV from Onida has an elegant design that blends seamlessly into any decor and still stands out, thanks to its stylish appearance. The Onida LCO32HDG has a screen size of 32 inch that displays videos and movies in superior clarity and accuracy. The bezel surrounding the screen of the television makes it convenient to move the TV around and also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance of the device. The round stand makes for an excellent companion and truly complements the TV design. Video and Audio For delivering outstanding picture quality, this Onida LCD TV is fitted with a VisD Picture Engine that deploys advanced image processing technologies. Experience theater-like sound quality with your Onida LCO32HDG as it encompasses the proprietary Surround Sound feature. The Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) of this HD-Ready television is 400 W. Features and Connectivity The connectivity terminals provided in this LCD television help you streamline your home entertainment setup. The dual HDMI ports in the LCO32HDG allow you to transfer high definition content from other gadgets to the TV quickly. Plus, HDMI cables can carry both audio and video signals in one wire, which reduces the clutter of wires around your TV set. This HD-Ready TV features 2 USB ports that enable connection of USB device

INR 24490

INR 24490
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Panasonic VIERA 19 Inches HD LCD TH-L19C20 Television

From Panasonic’s much revered C series of high performance LCD TVs is the Panasonic Viera TH-L19C20 HD LCD TV. This 19 inch HD LCD TV integrates a number of innovative technologies and smart features, which are packed into a very slim, light-weight and  stylish body design, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all your favourite movies, TV shows and home videos at HD quality. This Panasonic also comes with a very efficient power management system that keeps the operational power consumption on the lower side, so you can enjoy all your digital video entertainment without the unnecessary worry of high electricity bills. Design This C Series high performance LCD TV from Panasonic features a bold 19 inch full flat screen display which is much slimmer and lighter than conventional TVs of the same size, mainly due to the absence of the chunky picture tube technology. This 19 inch HD display has a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and comes with a considerably high contrast ratio, which with the added advantage of a wide viewing angle greatly contributes in maximizing your viewing pleasure. This LCD TV’s slim bezel helps draw more of the viewer’s attention to the image surface rather than the thick black border, while the reduced weight and compact dimensions let you wall mount the TV without any hassle. Video and Audio Packed with an array of advanced audio and video quality enhancers, this Panasonic Viera HD LCD TV offers great digital entertainment. The Dynamic AI or Automatic Image Control circuit greatly enhances the picture contrast and readjusts the brightness level which results in clear and lifelike pictures. This high and dynamic contrast ratio on this Panasonic Viera delivers great images without motion blur or distortion, giving you the perfect opportunity to completely immerse yourself in all your favourite videos and movies. This Panasonic Viera LCD TV also comes with the highly useful CCFL back lighting technology which helps to uniformly illuminate the

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