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Panasonic 42 Inches HD Plasma TH-P42A20 Television

Crystal clear visuals, stunning design and affordable price are the hallmarks of the Panasonic TH-P42A20 that packs in nifty features to enhance your viewing experience. The high definition TV from the A Series of Plasma televisions promises to expand your entertainment options. The 42 inch TV is a suitable option to go for if you have a large living room. You need to plug-in the Panasonic TH-P42A20 to a power source of AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz for it to function efficiently. Equipped with Eco Mode and Power Save Mode to minimize energy consumption, this Plasma HDTV uses 230 W of energy when in operation. Thanks to the advanced energy saving options, the standby mode power consumption of the TH-P42A20 is only 0.45 W. Design The Panasonic TH-P42A20 sports a 42 inch screen with a native display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Enjoy cinema-like widescreen viewing in this Plasma TV, thanks to the 16:9 aspect ratio. The square stand bundled with the television adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance. Designed with the environment in mind, the TV is fitted with mercury and lead free panel. When placed on the stand, the HDTV measures 1029 x 704 x 334 mm and weighs 25.5 kg. For a wide viewing angle, the Panasonic TH-P42A20 is fitted with a G13 Progressive HD Plasma Display Panel that offers homogenous response time and eliminates dual and layered images. Video and Audio Thanks to the x.v.Color option, this Plasma TV offers a wider color gamut than normal HDTVs. The 600Hz Sub-field Drive enables faster transitions in motion pictures with lesser lags, so that you can enjoy your favorite action movies. The 24p Smooth Playback helps project films in their original frame rate of 24 frames per second. Other video enhancing features added into the Panasonic TH-P42A20 include 3D Colour Management and 720 lines Moving Picture Resolution. Audio in the Panasonic TH-P42A20 is managed by 2 built-in speakers that have a combined sound power output of 20 W and deliver superior

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Sony BRAVIA 46 Inches 3D Full HD LED KDL-46EX720 IN5 Television

Providing you with new-age entertainment is the KDL-46EX720 3D TV from Sony that features cutting edge technologies, all set to revolutionize the way you watch television. The Full HD resolution of this LED TV gives you an elevated experience when you watch Blu-ray movies or play high definition games. This Series EX720 LED TV comes with Internet support that adds to the functionality of the TV. You need to buy a separate adapter for wireless Internet connection in this Wi-Fi Ready TV. Alternately, you can plug-in a LAN cable to experience superfast connectivity. You need to connect the Sony KDL-46EX720 to a power source of AC 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz for it to function efficiently. When switched on, the television consumes 121 W of power. To minimize energy consumption, this 3D TV is provided with a Presence Sensor, which detects the presence of people in the room and automatically sets the TV to Picture Off mode on detection of nobody around. This process reduces the consumption of power by 50 percent. Design The Sony KDL-46EX720 sports a 46 inch screen having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that displays visuals in theater-like clarity. This 3D TV has a sleek appearance with slim bezel lining that enhances the visual space for you. The elegant looking television from Sony is bundled with a tabletop stand that can swivel up to 20 degrees and can be tilted up to 6 degrees. This gives you more flexibility in handling the LED TV. Upon placing the Sony Full HDTV on its stand, it measures 1078 x 690 x 260 mm and weighs 17.9 kg. Video and Audio Powered by the X-Reality Picture Engine that boosts the overall performance of the TV, the Sony KDL-46EX720 has a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The Edge LED backlighting technology used in this Full HD 3D TV renders it a very slim profile and also helps in minimizing power consumption. The Sony LED TV is endowed with nifty video enhancing features that take your viewing experience to the next level. Through the Intelligent MPEG Noise R

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Philips 24PFL5007 (24) LCD TV

Stylish, functional and affordable – the traits that you look for while buying any gadget, are all present in the Philips 24PFL5007 that make it a viable selection for your transition from CRT TVs to flat panel televisions. Delivering best performance in sound and picture, this LCD TV belongs to the Series 5000 from Philips. This Philips high definition TV is designed to conserve energy and save you from getting high electricity bills. Equipped with a special Eco Mode, you can turn the TV to this mode for lowered power consumption. The Philips 24PFL5007 needs to be plugged into a power source of AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz for efficient functioning. When in operation, the LCD HDTV consumes 75 W of energy, while in standby mode, the energy usage is less than 1 W. Design With a sturdy build, the Philips 24PFL5007 is crafted to suit and blend in any interiors it is placed in. The classic black bezel around the HDTV’s 24 inch screen adds a touch of glamour to the TV’s appearance. The company logo is emblazoned at the center of the bottom bezel, which is curved out to house the TV's control buttons. The screen of the Philips 24PFL5007 has a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels that showcases the visuals in brilliant details and superior clarity. The stunning looks of this HDTV is complemented by an equally elegant square stand. When placed on its stand, the TV weighs 6.5 kg and measures 612 x 448 x 199 mm in dimensions. Video and Audio Philips has provided the 24PFL5007 with various video enhancing features for your viewing comfort. The Crystal Clear feature improves color, contrast and depth of the picture to deliver realistic visuals every time you switch the TV on. With a response time of 6.5 milliseconds and 3/2 - 2/2 Motion Pull Down, you can enjoy your favorite action movies or play video games without any lags or judder. Features such as 3D Combfilter and Digital Noise Reduction augment your TV viewing experience by delivering true-to-life pictures. To match the su

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Sony BRAVIA 32 inches HD LCD KLV-32CX350 Television

Sony, the world renowned electronics manufacturing brand has been designing and perfecting its craft since 1946. This immaculately designed television from the brand is just one such example of the implementation of the knowledge gained through those decades of being in the business. Hailing from the CX350 series of the brand comes the Sony Bravia 32 inch HD LCD KLV-32CX350 television. The TV set aims to bring the ultimate theatre experience right to the comfort of your living room. Capable of playing movies in high definition, there is no limit to the number of hours of entertainment that this HD LCD television can provide. Well, as long as you have it connected to an AC 110 - 240 V 50/60 Hz power source. The Sony 32 inch LCD television consumes a modest 73 W of power when at its entertaining best, while consuming a highly energy efficient 0.19 W when on standby. Design If it is one thing that the brand Sony has perfected and marketed its products on over the last couple of decades or so, it would be design. The aesthetics of the 32 inch Sony KLV-32CX350 television is something that the designers from the company hold very close to heart. The sleek and slender LCD TV from Sony is designed to blend into the décor of your living room, while yet striking the perfect balance between style and functionality. For example, the Sony HD LCD television comes with a picture frame mode feature that allows you to, very eloquently, display your favourite snaps from your childhood photo albums. In addition, the 16:9 aspect ratio that the Sony television features, only helps bring out vivid details of those prized family snaps in HD clarity. Video and Audio What gives the 32 inch LCD HD TV from Sony an edge over the competition when we talk about excellent video clarity, true-to-life tones and vibrant colours, is the heart and soul of the entire entertainment system - the Bravia 3 Picture Engine. Capable of viewing movies in high definition, the 1280 X 768 pixel resolution of the

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Samsung 22es5000 (22) LED TV

Televisions have become one of the most common entertainment appliances and with newer advances in technology, they have become budget friendly and capable of performing much more than ever before. Samsung is a major player in the consumer electronics segment and Samsung televisions have innovative features that give it an upper hand over contemporary televisions. The Samsung 22es5000 Television is a perfect example of clever design meeting technology to deliver a high definition viewing experience. The Samsung 22es5000 is an LED television that falls under the series 5 segment which are high-end home entertainment appliances. This Samsung LED television also features Full HD capabilities which allows you to watch Blu-ray videos and play high definition games. This LED television falls under the Energy Efficient Class A category which means it is designed to consume less electricity. On stand-by mode this Samsung television consumes under 0.3 W. The set comes with a Vesa Wall Mount Support, a power cable and an ergonomically designed remote control. Design The Samsung 22es5000 LED Full HD Television has a screen size of 22 inches while still delivering a high definition resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. With the sturdy round base stand this Samsung television has dimensions of 513.4 x 364.4 x 161 mm and weighs 3.5 kg. When wall mounting this LED television, remove the stand and calculate the space for dimensions of 513.4 x 316.2 x 49.6 mm and a weight limit of 3.3 kg. Video and Audio The 22es5000 Full HD Television uses advanced technology to ensure the highest possible clarity in the visuals reproduced. Technologies like the Digital Noise Filter and Wide Color Enhancer Plus help improve the image quality so that your after work relaxation time becomes something you look forward to. Even fast moving images like those in action movies are clear and sharp with the help of the Clear Motion Rate feature. There are 2 built-in speakers that can deliver a total speaker pow

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