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Logitech Tablet Wireless Standard Keyboard

Apple iPads and Android enabled Tablets have become very popular in the last few years due to their functionality and flexibility. These mini-computers have a futuristic look which complements the age we live in, where people use some form of technology to simplify work or reduce the time we spend at work. Now you can finish checking your emails and reply to them while you are travelling to office on your tablet computer. Various innovative peripherals are being developed to function as an extension to the tablet computer to make working on them comfortable and simpler. The most common function of the keyboard is to enter information by typing, and when working on a tablet the on-screen keyboard might not suit you as they may be cumbersome.  The Logitech Tablet Wireless Keyboard aims to make typing information into a tablet a simple task. This easy-to-use Logitech keyboard has a great feeling when used to type as your hand stays put, allowing only your fingers to move which increases your average typing speed. Tasks like bolding text, cut, copy and paste have easy short cuts on the wireless keyboard when compared to doing the same task on the tablet on-screen keyboard. The Logitech Tablet Wireless Keyboard is a standalone Bluetooth device that can be paired with any other type of computer that has Bluetooth capabilities. Style and Portability The Logitech Tablet Wireless Keyboard was designed to be a high-quality and durable device that could be easily carried around in your backpack. The Tablet Wireless Keyboard from Logitech comes with a protective carrying case that doubles up as a stand. It is difficult to type fast on a Tablet and if you lay it flat on a table to type, your hands will block proper view of the screen. The stand can be used to hold the tablet in place so that you get a proper view of the screen while you type away on the Logitech keyboard. The Tablet stand is adjustable, so depending on your position you can alter the angle to match your line of

INR 3995

INR 3995
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