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TVC I Games

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Product Details

Igames wireless gaming offers complete entertainment for the whole family. I games has 85 built ? in games such as tennis, baseball, table tennis, golf etc., so now you don't need to buy expensive cartridges for each game. Igames comes with an av cable that can be connected to all types of tv. Simply connect igames and enjoy. It is wireless hd gaming., can be played individually or by family. Kids will love igames wireless gaming. 85 built ? in games include darts, black jack, slot machine, highway racing, bubble destroyer and many more exciting fun ? filled games for the whole family.now with igames, you can enjoy outdoor games on your tv with your friends and family. Igames is a fun, easy ? to ? use and affordable complete entertainment for the family. It also comes with a free fitness mat that helps you get in shape and stay fit. Have a great time with i games.