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Mitashi Playsmart Mastermind

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Product Details

The fun world of gaming comes right into your home with the Mitashi Playsmart Mastermind. The special feature of this TV gaming console is that you can use it for educational activities along with playing games. The Playsmart Mastermind provides hours of endless entertainment and also helps in improving the focus and concentration of kids. The console can be used by children above 5 years. Design and Power With the dimensions of 19.5 x 13.3 x 2.5, the console has a design that represents a computer keyboard. The whole gaming system is embedded within the keyboard, where you can insert the game cartridges onto the keyboard itself. The ports in the system include a game card slot, AV port, and power port. The keyboard of the console is easy to use and helps in improving skill of children. The buttons replicate the keys of a computer, so that your child can get hand-on experience before using a real computer. The buttons are easy to press and provide quick response. The console uses 9 V of power to function and is powered through a 220-240 V 50/60 Hz DC adaptor. Performance and Connectivity The console has easy menu system that encourages interactivity. The specially designed keyboard can be used for educational activities that can help your child to learn typing and pronunciation of words. With realistic sounds and arcade graphics the child can have lots of fun and learn too. The console supports 8-bit game cartridges, letting you plug in all your favourite classic games in an instant. The gaming console can be easily set up with a TV using compatible AV cables. Controllers and Joysticks Say goodbye to wires as the controller of this console is wireless. The controller provides for a better interactive experience as the player can carry it around easily. The controller has a standard D-pad to the left side that let you control the movements in the game. The start and select buttons lie in the middle with the action buttons arranged to the right side. You can use up to