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Gamecraft Smartboy

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Product Details

Introduce your kids to the fascinating world of video games with the Gamecraft Pocketboy. The handheld gaming console is an ideal companion for kids of any age. Featuring all the classic games, the Pocketboy has 128 in-built games to keep your kids entertained for hours. Design and PowerEquipped with a 3 inch LCD screen, the Pocketboy is capable of providing clear graphics for all the games. The handheld gaming console is ergonomically designed and can be operated easily without causing any discomfort to hands or fingers. Carry all the popular classic games anywhere you go as the console can be easily packed into a backpack or a carry pouch. The controls on the console are arranged with the standard D-pad to the left side, and the reset button just above it. The 4 action buttons are placed on the right side with a start button above them. These buttons are easily operable and provide comfort even during long sessions of gaming. The console is powered through a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged with a power adaptor. Performance and ConnectivityThe Gamecraft Pocketboy supports 8-bit cartridges. So if you have any favourite 8-bit game that you want to play, you can simply insert it in the top of the console and play the game easily. The console can be connected to a TV with the use of AV cables to play all the games on the bigger screen.