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Microsoft Xbox One Standard Console without Kinect

Xbox One Standard Console without Kinect Processor: 8-core x86 processor lets you instantly switch between a game and your favourite entertainment apps with ease HDMI Pass-Through: Connect your cable or satellite box and watch TV through your Xbox One, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic Memory: 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, music and more Optical Drive: Watch movies and play games in crystal-clear HD with the Xbox One's Blu-ray capabilities Includes: Kinect sensor for Xbox One, Wireless controller, Chat headset, HDMI cable and power supply GET MORE WITH XBOX ONE Introducing Xbox One. Where the best games, multiplayer, and your favorite movies, music, sports, and live TV come together in one place. Xbox One games look and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood. Watch TV or chat with friends on Skype while you play, and keep on playing while smarter matchmaking happens behind the scenes. With Xbox One, you can snap two things side-by-side on your TV, and switch from one to another instantly. Cloud-powered and built for the digital age, Xbox One is designed to keep getting better over time. Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment. Where games push the boundaries of realism. And television obeys your every command. Where listening to music while playing a game is a snap. And you can jump from TV to movies to music to a game in an instant. Where your experience is custom tailored to you. And the entertainment you love is all in one place. Welcome to the all-in-one, Xbox One. UNDER THE HOOD Xbox One was designed to be the most advanced gaming console ever, and the best entertainment console. To make that possible, we did something unprecedented. For the first time ever, we created a state-of-the-art gaming OS and fused it with a powerful Windows OS. So you get the best of both worlds, without compromise. Forget about having to switch inputs to

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Madcatz M.O.J.O. Micro-console for Android 16

One of the most versatile gaming and versatile media centre - the M.O.J.O. Micro-console for Android from Mad Catz will be a valuable addition to your multimedia gadgets. Capable of ultra-high definition, this all-in-one gaming and media centre will allow also you to surf the Internet, stream movies, stay connected to your social media accounts and listen to music, all from the comfort of your couch. Expandable Storage If you need more than the in-built 16 GB of memory, then there is a microSD flash slot for SDXC cards up to 128 GB in this console for additional data storage. Besides, the two USB ports will let you connect the device to your external media drives. Ready to Root As any Android user knows that the best way to get the most out of your device is to root it, Mad Catz provides you with a short step-by-step guide to rooting the device. The root access will open up all sorts of options including adding custom keymapping capabilities and installing custom ROMs. And the good news is, rooting the device will not void your warranty. C.T.R.L Mobile Gamepad The C. T. R. L that comes with this device has the same solid build as a full-size, console gamepad for ultimate control over Android games. Moreover, the in-built media controls will help you adjust volume and playback of your videos and music. With three selectable gaming modes, the C. T. R. L allows you to effectively navigate the M.O.J.O., computers and other smart devices. Perfect for touchscreen interaction, the Mouse Mode of this gaming and media centre mimics mouse control by assigning navigation to the action buttons and left analog stick. You can also attach your phone or smart device to the C.T.R.L and play anywhere. Low Latency Bluetooth Smart The Bluetooth Smart Technology enables a super-fast data-exchange rate of 7 ms for reduced lag and extended battery life. Multiplayer Support Invite your friends over and have an exciting gaming session. This device gives you the freedom to connect two or mor

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INR 19990
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Mitashi Game In Smarty

With the Game In Smarty from the house of Mitashi, games need not be just about entertainment; they can be beneficial to the intellectual growth of your child as well. The handheld gaming device is helpful to improve the focus and attention skills of children as it comes packed with an array of features. The gaming device is built for children, but can be used by anyone who wants a good past time activity. The smart gaming device comes with 76 in-built games and each one is more interesting than the last. If you want to play all the classic games in one device, then Mitashi Game In Smarty is the device for you. Design and Power The gaming device has a bright and refined finish and has the dimensions of 8.7 x 4.6 x 3 inches. The design of the console makes it easy to hold and comfortable to play with. Equipped with a brilliant 2.7 inch LCD screen, the gaming console provides for quality graphics and clear visuals. The screen is bright enough to play the games even in the dark. The controls feature a standard D-pad that is placed to the left, with the select button above them. The right side has the action buttons that are used for various actions within a game, along with the start button above them. The keys are smooth and provide quick response for all the games. The device is also easily portable. You can easily slip it in your pocket or backpack without any hassle. The Mitashi Smarty requires 3 AAA batteries to run. You can also use rechargeable batteries with the device. The device is designed in such a way that it conserves power, so you can play games for longer sessions without the fear of batteries getting drained out. Performance and Connectivity The Mitashi Smarty comes with a Plug & Play TV Out option. This lets you to connect the gaming device directly with your TV to enjoy games on the bigger screen. You can also easily plug in your favourite classic games to this device as it supports 8-bit game cartridges. The console has an in-built speaker which is

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INR 1999
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Genius Heeha 200

You can gift your little princess this adorable gaming device and watch her beam with happiness. Gaming has been proven to help kids with alertness and concentration. It also helps children with developing reflexes and awareness skills while having fun. The Genius Heeha 200 is a pretty handheld gaming console especially designed for young girls. There is a wide assortment of games you can choose, some of which are Mr. Onion, Find Pairs, Go Home, Bump Jump, HiQ Girl Fashion Design. With the Genius Heeha 200 gaming gadget, you can enjoy 30 attention-grabbing arcade games played with a 16-bit graphic engine. This portable gaming console has a built-in memory of 64 MB. Weighing only 125 g, this lightweight console fits easily in your pocket or bag. The 2.5 inch LCD color screen set on a girly body design makes this device eye-catching. The 16:9 aspect ratio of the Heeha 200 handheld console results in a visually pleasing game-play experience. The Genius Heeha 200 portable gaming console runs on 3 AAA size batteries that are readily available at an affordable cost. With new batteries, this console can play continuously for 7 hours. The 8-way D-pad on the left side as well as the A and B action buttons on the right side make for an intuitive gaming interface. The A button is designed with a star on it, while the B button can be distinguished thanks to the heart artwork, a detail that will be loved by young girls. The front panel also holds a reset button for your convenience and the important power button. You can also increase or decrease the volume of the inbuilt speakers using the designated volume controls.

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Genius Heeha 300

Gaming keeps your mind alert by challenging you. Children who game are known to have faster reflexes, better dexterity and a longer attention span. Gaming has been known to increases your concentration and decision-making skills, which helps a child immensely in the long run. This gaming console by Genius has been designed especially for children below 10 years of age. With 30 inbuilt games, your little bundle of joy will always have something interesting and fun to do thanks to the Genius Heeha 300 gaming console. You can enjoy this diverse assortment of games with16-bit graphics on the Heeha 300 handheld console. Your children can choose to play arcade games under categories like puzzles, racing and brain-teasers. You can wave goodbye to boredom when you have games like Secret Bottle, Sudoku, Happy Farm, Morra, Spring Bros., Mystic Totem, Push the Box, Puzzle Pop, Mister Easter, Grass Cutter, Flame Beetles, Sea War, Ball Clash and Road Star in your back pocket. These games have been structured to suit children, hence they are safe as well as helpful. Design & Power Weighing a mere 66 g, the Genius Heeha 300 console is portable and light-weight. Designed to resemble a mobile phone, this handheld console has dimensions of 113 x 57 x 20 mm. The vertical design of this console makes it easy to game and considerably decreases the strain on your fingers. The Heeha 300 video gaming gadget makes for a fun companion for long journeys as it keeps you child engaged and happy. This Genius Heeha console has a 2.5 inch color LCD screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This lets you game without straining your eyes as well as makes every game an optical delight. The spaced out buttons of this ergonomically designed gaming device from Genius fits with ease in the palm of your hands. The face of this gadget houses several essential buttons. On the right side you will find the A and B action buttons along with the volume controller to increase or decrease in-game sound effects. The le

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Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi) Memory Card

Travel through the time vortex with the renegade time lord with Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, burn some rubber with F1 2011 or join a young boy on his crazy adventures with Ben 10 Galactic Racing while you are on-the-go. This handheld gaming console from Sony is an ideal companion for passionate gamers in search of a weapon of impeccable quality and performance, all rolled into one. The combined power of the ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) CPU and the SGX543MP4+ GPU gives you graphics akin to the large consoles. With this Sony PS Vita, you carry a complete entertainment solution in your back pocket. You can listen to your favorite tracks, watch the latest movies, view memorable photographs and surf the World Wide Web with this console. Design & Power With dimensions of 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5 mm, this portable console from Sony fits easily your bag or purse. Weighing 260 g, the PS Vita console is light-weight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hands. Ergonomically designed, the Vita makes gaming easy and intuitive. You can enjoy a whole new gaming experience on this eighth generation handheld console. You have the freedom to choose between several interfaces for gaming like a capacitive touchscreen, the rear touch pad, motion control and analog controls. This device has a six-axis motion sensing systems and a three-axis electronic compass. This feature lets you control in-game actions by simply moving the Vita in your hand. The 5 inch OLED touchscreen (16:9) has a resolution of 960 x 544 pixels that effortlessly brings every game to life. This touchscreen can be used for both navigation and gaming action input purposes. The 16 million colors of this console let you enjoy in-game animation and graphics to the fullest. The rear panel of the Sony PS Vita has an ingenious multi touch pad for gaming inputs only. Elegant and sturdy, the PS Vita is real eye-catcher. The analog controller arrangement is familiar and intuitive. The triangle, square, circle and cross action b

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