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EasySkillz How to Write Marketing Copy that Sells Online Course

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A business is only a business if it can sell So you have a great product or a fantastic service. Unfortunately in todays attention seeking world that by itself is not enough. The truth is that its not the best product that wins, its the one with the best marketing. Of course, if you want repeat business, you also need a great product! but how do you get that new customer to just try you out? Direct marketing still works, its just that people seem to have forgotten how to do it or perhaps they never knew. Now-a-days though, you are more likely to send out an email than a letter in the post. What you want is a marketing piece that gets prospects to pick up the phone or visit your website and buy from you. This copy-writing course is for every small business owner that has struggled to put together a flyer, sales letter, email marketing piece or copy for their website. The answer is of course with great marketing material. And thats why we put this course together. Dont get us wrong it isnt going to turn you into a marketing genius. But what it could do is give you a structure around which to work for and some big ah ha moments as you look at your marketing material differently. The concepts it explains on how to write copy are applicable to Direct mail Email marketing Flyers Brochures Web site copy Sales Video scripts Advertisements Sales presentations So do you want to build a brand or sell some products? Hopefully you want to do both! but too many college educated marketers focus on brand building rather than selling. The truth is a successful brand develops as a result of lots of sales to happy customers. So you need to focus on winning sales not marketing awards! And thats what this copy-writing course is all about-showing you the 20 components that goes into any sales oriented marketing material. Not every marketing piece contains all 20 though. But if you dont know what should be in there, how are you going to decide what to leave out? 12 components relate to th