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Sunbaby Baby Stroller

INR 6099/- INR 6099/-

Product Details

Catching on to the modern day lifestyle, even babies prefer to spend more time outdoors. This Sunbaby Baby Stroller helps parents to safely tuck their baby in and move around the neighbourhood with ease. Extra Seat Pad This orange-coloured Sunbaby stroller has an extra seat pad in an excellent print that offers more comfort and checks the movements of your little tyke. Swivel Function of the Front Wheels Parents will appreciate the swivel function of the front-set of wheels which will allow them to easily steer the stroller in any direction. Protective Hood with Safety Harness The baby stroller has a protective hood that protects your baby from the direct, harmful sunrays. The safety harness attached to the extra seat ensures that your little moppet stays in one place and doesn’t fall out. Wheels with Brakes You can also control the speed of the stroller and steer it easily using the brakes present on the rear wheels.