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MeeMee Baby Stroller

INR 6495/- INR 6495/-

Product Details

When you are bored at home, you decide to take a walk with your child. For a casual walk in the park, just put your tiny prince or princess into this MeeMee Baby Stroller and you can head out. With this full-size stroller, you can be assured that your child is comfortable and secure. It is ideal for children who are 3 months and above. There are so many things to see and you want your baby to enjoy it all. This might mean that you have to walk a while but your child is still comfortable. When strapped into a reclining seat, your child can rest or play around at ease. It comes with settings that facilitate multiple reclining positions so that they can sit, sleep and recline in any way they want. Your child can also relax by stretching their tiny legs onto the adjustable leg rest. The day might be beautiful and bright but the sunlight might be a little too much for your toddler to take. You don’t have to let that spoil the afternoon as this MeeMee stroller has a canopy that keeps the sunshine away from their eyes. This stroller is also equipped with a cup holder that makes sure that your child can have something to play with and you don’t have to rummage through your bag when they get hungry. The wheeled bottom of this pram ensures that you can swiftly move from one place to another. If you have a busy moment, all you have to do is activate the lockable back wheels and the rotational lockable front wheels. This makes sure that the stroller stays still and you can pay complete attention to your task. While pushing the pram around, you cannot see your child but you don’t have to be anxious as this MeeMee stroller takes care of that problem. Equipped with a window in the hood, you can keep an eye on them even while walking around. Armed with a complete travel system, this MeeMee stroller is every new parent’s delight.