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Hauck Roadster Stroller

The Hauck Roadster SL is a three wheeled stroller and is replete with features to give maximum comfort to your precious little ones. This safety tested Roadster SL from Hauck can be used from zero months of age. The steel frame of the Hauck Roadster imparts exceptional strength to it and makes it a reliable baby transport facility. The seat can be adjusted to fit the baby’s posture and thus the little one can comfortably sit or sleep. The reclining property is operated by a pull mechanism. The foot rest is also adjustable to reduce any discomfort to the kid. The bumper or the front bar can be adjusted to five different positions and can also be detached owing to the need. The front bar has a cup holder to hold the baby’s bottle or cup safely without toppling. The canopy protects your kid little on from the harsh rays of the sun. The canopy and seat cover can be removed and washed easily. The fabric used in the stroller is adequately soft to give maximum comfort for you precious one. The Hauck Roadster SL has a five point safety harness with padded shoulder straps that will help in keeping your spirited angels safely buckled in their seats. A basket comes along with the Hauck Roadster which can be easily removed if not required. The front swivel wheel that can rotate 360 degrees has a diameter of 24 cm and can be locked. The back wheels have a diameter of 29 cm each. The back axle has a suspension that makes the stroller less jerky and will give your bundle of joy a comfortable journey. The handle on the Hauck Roadster SL can be adjusted to different heights depending on the comfort of the parent. It also has brake controls on both the sides that locks the back wheels thus, making it easy for you to control the stroller and keep your sweetheart safe all the time. All the strollers and prams from Hauck are made in compliance with the latest European standards to make sure your baby gets the best and safest products.

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Chicco Echo Stroller Sapphire

Running errands is something that you have to do but you don’t have to let it get in between your quality time with the little one. Strap them into this Chicco Echo Stroller Sapphire and off you go. This full-size stroller is ideal for children upto the age of 3. You can strap in your son or daughter into this foldable stroller and enjoy the day ahead. Don’t worry about your child not being comfortable as this stroller from Chicco comes with a reclining seat. The settings enable you to make use of 4 recline positions. This means that your child needn’t have to sit, sleep or recline in the same position and be uncomfortable. It also comes with an adjustable leg rest that adds to your child’s comfort. Chicco also strives to make the lives of the parents easier. By fitting a storage basket into this pram you can be completely prepared without having to carry a heavy and bulky bag full of baby accessories and essentials. Apart from this, the stroller from Chicco also comes with a canopy that is designed to keep the harsh rays of the sun off your baby’s sensitive eyes. The wheeled bottom of this pram ensures that you can swiftly and comfortably move from place to place. While it is convenient, with a toddler, you can never be too careful. The lockable wheels feature helps to prevent any untoward incident from occurring. While you are busy with something else, you can just lock the wheels and make sure that the stroller stands still. Additionally, it comes with twin brakes that make this stroller a completely safe travelling system for your baby. With regards to safety, the stroller from Chicco doesn’t fall behind. A 5-point harness ensures that your child is completely safe and secure. Strapping them into this stroller from 5 sides, this ensures that a small bump doesn’t startle your kid or cause them to fall off. This Echo stroller from Chicco is the perfect companion for your child.

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INR 6490
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