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Vijayanti International Shin Guard

INR 578/- INR 578/-

Product Details

Every sport has its regulation gear, the most important of which are the ones which pertain to safety. Invest well in them for guards are what keep your body safe from the crippling elements of the game. Functions and Usability This Vijayanti International Shin Guard is of small size and has EVA/PVC padding to absorb any shock or impact that the leg is subjected to. EVA is known for being lightweight and hence the guard does not weigh you down when you are playing. The guard is held secure by a strap type fastener. This guard has a net covering to keep it from wearing out too soon and has alchemic shine guards as well. Vijayanti is the brandname of an Indian sports goods manufacturer which specializes in hockey equipment. Started in 1975, Vijayanti has been making quality hockey sticks as well as protection gear for renowned players and teams in both the Indian and international arena.