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Vijayanti International Shin Guard

INR 578/- INR 578/-

Product Details

All sports have their own share of risk factors during play and before venturing into any game, it is important to choose and get acquainted with the right protective gear that ensures the complete protection of the player on the field. This Vijayanti International Shin Guard is of M size and is padded with PVC/EVA for good impact protection from balls and such. The guard is fastened to your leg with a strap that ensures that it remains secure when you move your leg during the game. The net covering on the guard contributes to its durability and the guard is lightweight enough not to hinder the way you play giving you freedom of movement. Vijayanti is the brandname of an Indian sports goods manufacturer which specializes in hockey equipment. Started in 1975, Vijayanti has been making quality hockey sticks as well as protection gear for renowned players and teams in both the Indian and international arena.