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Vijayanti International Leg Guard

INR 9261/- INR 7871/-

Product Details

Goalies are always susceptible to more injury as they become the targets of the players on field. So before the ball comes flying straight at you at impossible speeds ensure that you are well prepared to prevent injury. Functions and Usability This Vijayanti International Leg Guard is of medium size and has EVA padding for better protection and impact absorption. The guard has a buckle fastener that keeps it secured to the leg as you perform your best in the field. Benefit and Safety Features The body of this guard from Vijayanti is doubly reinforced and lightweight for easy movement. The guard also has extra cushioning and provides maximum protection to the keeper during a match. Vijayanti is the brandname of an Indian sports goods manufacturer which specializes in hockey equipment. Started in 1975, Vijayanti has been making quality hockey sticks as well as protection gear for renowned players and teams in both the Indian and international arena.