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Vijayanti Club Leg Guard

INR 8106/- INR 7295/-

Product Details

Mobility is extremely important in a game and hence injuries to the legs should be avoided at all costs. Ensure that you protect your legs with well-padded, good quality leg guards before you head out to the field. Functions and Usability This Vijayanti Club Leg Guard is made to suit both men and women’s legs and is of medium size. The moulded leg guard is strapped on with a buckle which holds the nylon straps together. Benefits and Safety Features This guard is designed to give protection to the shin, knee and ankle. The guard from Vijayanti is padded with EVA for reinforcement as well, enabling you to perform your best without being hindered by bulky safety equipment. Vijayanti is the brandname of an Indian sports goods manufacturer which specializes in hockey equipment. Started in 1975, Vijayanti has been making quality hockey sticks as well as protection gear for renowned players and teams in both the Indian and international arena.