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Kookaburra Rogue Thigh Guard

INR 249/- INR 249/-

Product Details

The nightmare of every batsman is a ball hurtling towards them at 90 mph carrying the will of the bowler to send the stumps flying. Intimidating as it seems, you can prepare yourself well with the right equipment. This Kookaburra Rogue Thigh Guard, made to fit boys, is made of high density fiberboard and the ambidextrous design ensures that it can be worn by both left- and right-handed batsmen. The fastenings on the guard employ the hook and loop design which are not only easy to take off and put on but also secure the guards firmly. Each guard also has towel backing for comfort and is made of impact protection moulded high density foam. Specializing in cricket and hockey equipment, Kookaburra has a history that goes way back to its humble beginnings in 1890. Devoted to providing players with innovative products and striving for excellence in their chosen field, Kookaburra is a brand that is endorsed with conviction by several word-class sportspeople.