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Kookaburra Players Inner Thigh Guard

INR 499/- INR 499/-

Product Details

The inner thigh is a sensitive area and the impact of a hard ball might cause immeasurable pain and lasting damage. Hence it is always a good idea to protect it with a comfortable and durable pair of guards. This Kookaburra Players Inner Thigh Guard is ideal for men and asymmetrical to ensure better fit. It is fastened onto your thigh with a hook and loop fastening system which, along with the 50 mm elastic on the waist, keeps the guard secure. The body of the guard has a double-sided towel thigh strap that is a comfortable fit and the guard is made from impact protection sculptured HDF as well. Specializing in cricket and hockey equipment, Kookaburra has a history that goes way back to its humble beginnings in 1890. Devoted to providing players with innovative products and striving for excellence in their chosen field, Kookaburra is a brand that is endorsed with conviction by several word-class sportspeople.