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Firefox Bicycle Knee & Elbow Guard

INR 620/- INR 620/-

Product Details

Cycling is a fun activity to enjoy with your children as it allows you to spend some much needed quality time with them. Burn calories and get in shape while you and your kids enjoy a nice bike ride through the park. Ensure your children wear protective gear like a helmet, gloves and pads to avoid injuries in case they fall. Functions and Usability The Firefox Elbow and Knee Pads set is small in size and is ideal for young children who are learning to cycle. The reinforced caps are designed to fit around your child's knees and elbows without impairing movement. Benefits and Safety Features The Firefox Elbow and Knee Pads are made of tough plastic that is durable and capable of withstanding heavy impacts. The velcro adjusters keep the pads in place and prevents them from slipping. These pads will protect your little one when they fall and give them the confidence to get back on the cycle.